Design and management transforms lives for clients, communities, and even for ourselves. We are architects, designers, planners, and just as importantly collaborators. We listen, we investigate, we explore, and only then do we create, inspire and lead.

Project Management & Staff

AID-CORP through a multidisciplinary team performs Project Management for all type of customer & projects. The management starts from the beginning of the Project with objectives definition. Consecutively we determine planning for the following lines; schedule, responsibilities, resources and cost analysis. During Project development procedures for supervising tasks and implementing solutions are carried out. The final objective for AID-CORP is to provide the expected product for our customer.


Health and Safety

AID-CORP carries out Health and Safety Management in the all the phases of the project; design & performance. Through our specialized engineers and technicians, a risk assessment of each of the activities to be carried out is established and we implement the necessary procedures to minimize risks. The company has a large number of Site Safety and Health Officers to be established on site and cover any activity of construction and engineering. Due to zero risk does not exist, we establish safety as our priority.


International development

AID-CORP cooperates with all type of architectural, engineering and
construction trade that studies perform projects of multiple nature at international level. We develop strategies for locating opportunities in all countries. During this process we work together on obtaining key partners and resources. We have a specialist team in the different outsourcing areas so the services could be developed in a partial or total way. We adapt our organization to client needs; the collaboration can be carried out in a prefixed period or collaboration agreements can be established in a long term.



AID-CORP prepares and coordinates all phases for tender proposals and supports its partners in different ways to get public contracts. The use of a wide range of tools and independent work teams allow us analyze the specifications and coordinate the submission for administrative and technical documentation.

We support our client and managing possible association with key partners if necessary. After award, the service for our client is developed into scope of works and schedule assistance areas.


Feasibility Studies

AID-CORP develops feasibility Studies as kick off document to help our client decision-making and implementation of different action plans. Cost-benefit analysis, objectives, potential risks, critical areas and procedures to be followed are information included in this plan and closely related to technical and economic aspects of execution, operation and maintenance. We have a large team of experts specialized in international clients and multilateral contracts.